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Welcome to Canine Dental Service’s where we believe that our pets are our kids! …And really, don’t your “kids” deserve the very best dental care? Isn’t a happy and healthy pet a good thing?

All of us here at Canine Dental Service are passionate about what we do and bring our expertise to you, and your pets, at a much more affordable price than traditional cleanings. We believe that Anesthesia-free dentals benefit your pets in many ways. Learn more about why anesthesia-free dentals are best for routine cleanings, and the part it plays in preventative care

Can you imagine what would happen to you and your health if you never brushed your teeth? As you know plaque and tartar quickly build up causing many problems! The SAME is true for your pets!

We invite you to take a look around to learn about us, and what we can do for your pets.

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About Us

Canine Dental Service has many years of experience, with over 60,000 Anesthesia-Free dentals complete! Canine Dental Service has also trained many other successful specialists in this field. We have a true passion for what we do, and we want to help keep your pets happy and healthy!


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